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Framers Group is home to RealProMarket, elEkipo and Framers Design – the platforms and services with the vision to simplify the way entrepreneurs, professionals and small to medium businesses access cutting-edge technologies at a tailored price for their needs.


A Powerful CRM for Business Professionals on a Mission

More than a CRM, Framers is the perfect digitalisation solution for agencies and tech companies looking to have their own CRM. Buy a subscription from us, brand the tool as your own platform, and resell the subscription to your clients. You sell your branded platform to your clients, and we take care of the technology for you.

From initial proposals, offers, invoices, to contact and project management, Framers CRM will help businesses through the complete Customer Relationship and day-to-day admin tasks, so they get more time to focus on the things that really matter.

We are about purpose driven execution that adds value!

At Framers Group we believe that entrepreneurs and businesses should have access to cutting-edge technologies at a accessible price.

Our goal is to remove any technical or financial barriers that can prevent individual professionals and small to medium companies from using the best technological solutions. We are investing on strategic partnerships and powerful tools to empower your business to increase efficiencies by streamlining your day-to-day admin tasks, so you focus on providing better services, more time on sells, and reach wider audiences.



Managers of field workers can now stay connected real-time with their teams, whenever and wherever they are, with our time and attendance monitoring tool. An easy and effective way to manage and keep a record of when the workforce starts and end their daily operations and appointments.

Our Story

Our team is formed by entrepreneurs and professionals from a diverse background, who came together to make technological solutions and digitalisation accessible to all company sizes. As technology innovation advances, so does the challenges for individual professionals, start-ups and small to medium companies to adopt such expensive and complicated technological products and services.

Seeing a need for simplicity, Framers Group’s products and services were born. We developed technological tools and services to provide simplified solutions that removed the price barriers for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium businesses that want to adopt cutting-edge technologies.

We developed a real estate platform where professionals can buy pay-as-you-go PropTech products and services with a couple of clicks and only pay for the modules and features they use. A CRM perfect for agencies and tech companies to brand as their own and resell to their clients. An application that allows real-time management of the workforce on the field.


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